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2023 Litter of Stunning Lil Bengal Kittens

We have exciting news at LilBengals. Hibiki our in house stud with large rosettes and incredible glitter has been paired with our amazing queen Sari.

Hibiki- Stud | Sari - Queen | Oci & Sari Kitten

These two beautiful bengals with huge rosettes and clear backgrounds have produced beautiful wild looking LilBengals.

We have 5 bengals available with incredible wild markings. We will make these available to only the best fur-ever homes.

Stud Hibiki

Sari was the perfect pregnant queen, no issues and a very smooth birthing.

Sari 50 days pregnant

She diligently cares for her Lil ones, feeding, cleaning and soothing with her loud purr.

6week old LilBengals

To reserve one of these stunning kittens please visit our shop page

Lil Bengal kittens 7 weeks old

Do you have a home for a Lil Bengal? Click here to see available kittens

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