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About LilBengals


Here at Lil Bengals we pride ourselves on being besotted with Bengals. We are TICA registered and only breed pedigree Bengals. We are fully insured and ensure our Lil Bengals are too. What's most important is finding a loving home with informed owners.

When starting out breeding Bengals we ensured that we made connections with other reputable breeders, our search for show quality blood line queen's led us to our first incredible pedigree queen Sari. She has flawless genetics coming from imported Bengals.  She also has large rosettes that are well defined, with great acreage and superb contrast.

Our NEW Queen Huni has just arrived with us, shes an incredible snuggly girl, with silken fur and the most amazing extra large clouded rosettes. In time she will be paired with Hibiki for stunning kittens with perfect profiles and huge rosettes, giving a striking wild look.

Our in-house Stud Hibiki, also from imported bloodlines, has produced litters of incredible quality kittens and sired queens at Lil Bengals. He's a handsome boy with lots of glitter, contrasting rosettes and silky soft coat.

​We thought it best to start out with incredible Bengals which in turn has enabled us to have litters of show quality Bengal kittens. Despite the outstanding quality of our kittens we do allow Pet and Active breeding kittens to go to the right homes.

​We are happy to be associated with The Bengal Cat Club.

​The Bengal Cat Club is the only official Bengal breed club of the GCCF in the UK. 

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