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Recent Litters

​​Here you can see our recently homed Lil Bengal kittens, if you would like to even reserve your own Lil Bengal or register on our priority list click through to our Shop to see available kittens

You can be assured here at Lil Bengals we do all the above and also provide a loving home for all our kittens as can be seen below.


Lil Bengals Simba

Lil Bengals Simba has found his fur-ever home in Glenn and Amanda. He immediately took to his new owners and started his neighbourhood watch. Simba settled down on laps straight away and loves to sleep on his back. He's so good with Glenn and Amandas Kids, but is the family head now! An incredible Lil Bengal with amazing markings and the personality to suit! 



Lil Bengals Kaplan 

Lil Bengals Kaplan has found his fur-ever home in Eyemouth with Kristina and Adnan. He is a shoulder kitty who likes to explore, talk and climbed up high. He's a gorgeous boy who has a love for heights and shoulders. Such a snuggly little kitty! He now explores with his new Dad.



Lil Bengals Captain 

Lil Bengals Captain has found his fur-ever home in Manchester with Laura. This Lil Bengal has the most spectacular head marking that looks just like a spider, which was his nick name here at Lil Bengals. He now has a big brother Leo to play with, taking turns with their new feather toy. Hes so cute even Laura's Vet commented: 'he has beautiful markings, one of the nicest Bengal cats he's seen' High praise indeed, and Captain knows it!



Lil Bengals Meeko