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Recent Litters

Lil Bengals Cheetara

Lil Bengals Cheetara found her home with Emma and some Big Brothers Maine Coons!

Shes a sweet little thing with incredible marking and lots of glitter in her fur. She loves a sleep on her new owners Lap and has just earnt permission to go outside.



Lil Bengals Teddy

Lil Bengals Teddy found his fur-ever home with Neil. The cutest of cute kittens with his little blue collar, extremely clear markings and fun personality. He is full of beans playing with his new toys and being spoilt rotten. 


Lil Bengals Beanz

Lil Bengals Beanz, the cutest of the litter. Beanz found his home with Tallulah, a super caring and 

very loving family. Lil Beanz is a handsome boy who was really close with his mum Sari. Hes got all the best toys and huge scratching posts. He has zoomies during the night and uses the living room as his playground.