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Want a stunning Bengal? how to avoid Scams

Follow our kitten buying checklist and avoid scammers.

Our kitten checklist

  • TICA registered – Without registration Bengals cannot be bred from.

  • 5 Generation Pedigree – Proof of Bengal genetics, and health history

  • Health screened parents – Peace of mind knowing your kitten will be healthy

  • Wormed and Flea treated – This is a step often missed by backyard breeders

  • Micro chipped – Allows you to register your kitten with your details

  • Both sets of vaccinations – Required at 9 & 12 weeks no kitten should leave before these.

  • Pets neutered – Helps maintain the breed standard and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

You can be assured here at Lil Bengals we do all the above and also provide a loving home for all our kittens. Please where ever you buy your kitten from ensure the breeder can satisfy the above requirements before purchasing your new kitten. Genuine breeders will happily confirm and give proof of all these requirements being met.

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