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Kitty teeth

There are many different types of oral hygiene products for cats. Here a few :

1. Beaphar toothpaste – liver flavour

Said to counteract plaque and prevents tartar.

Fluoride free

Has the two enzymes protease and Glucose oxidase

On the back it has helpful instructions and information on what the two enzymes do for your pet’s teeth.

My Kitties unfortunately do not love the taste, but if yours do, it is very inexpensive and can come with a double ended toothbrush for dogs and cats.

2. Detalife – daily oral care treats

Said to reduce tartar build-up

It is designed with a porous texture to effectively clean

With calcium and taurine

My Kitties love these! They do find them difficult to crunch but I assume that being the point. The only downside is I can’t find them very easily, and a small bag can be more than the beaphar toothpaste.

3. Virbac – Enzymatic toothpaste

Said to help prevent plaque development

Reduce tartar

Reduce bad breath

One of my Kitties love the taste, but is still anti- brushing so when she is more open to it, this is the toothpaste I will use for her.

4. Catnip sticks

I got these free with some cat toys. And even though one of my cats love them, they don’t chew them as much, so not sure how much of a help they are. But as long as kitty enjoys them, they’re a thumbs up from me!

Still on the lookout for more tasty dental treats for my furbabies! But for a more natural way to help with the kitties teeth, is feeding them raw chicken neck. The bones are known to help the build up of plaque and are a natural food for the kitties, and as long as the bones are not cooked, they shouldn’t shattered and cause any damage to kitty.

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