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New Litter of Stunning Lil Bengals

We have exciting news at LilBengals. Ocelot a beautiful extra large clouded rosette stud has been paired with our amazing queen Sari.

Oci - Stud | Sari - Queen | Oci & Sari Kitten

These two beautiful bengals with huge rosettes and clear backgrounds have produced beautiful wild looking LilBengals.

We have 5 Bengal boys available with incredible wild marking. We will make these available to only the best fur-ever homes.

Stud Oci with Queen Sari

Sari was the perfect pregnant queen, no issues and a very smooth birthing.

Sari 50 days pregnant

She diligently cares for her Lil ones, feeding, cleaning and soothing with her loud purr.

Sari & 2 week old LilBengals

To reserve one of these stunning kittens please visit our shop page

Lil Bengal kittens sleeping

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