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NEW Bengal Exercise Wheel

There's nothing more that Bengals love than cat exercise wheels. To keep your Bengal happy, healthy and use up any extra energy at Lil Bengals we really do recommend an exercise wheel.

No training generally needed, our Lil Bengals know what to do. Add a wheel and give your Lil Bengal hours of fun, walking, running, pouncing and scratching. Guests will be amazed at the speed Bengals run.

Featuring a smooth free running wheel, the Feline Motion Cat wheel is an ideal exercise and training device for hours of fun with your cat

GEN 7 New double supported base, this wheel can handle cats up to 10kg.

Easy installation, no tools required, and full installation manual included. You can be up and running within 20 minutes

Supplied with multiple closed loop EPA self adhesive pads to the running surface for extra grip for your car while not catching their claws

Fully protected running wheels to prevent any injury.

Cat Wheel

£400.00 Regular Price
£199.99Sale Price
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